28 May 2024 |

259 – Franchise Marketing 101, with Tom Dowd

By Daniel Murray

Ever thought about what franchise marketing for places like Orange Theory, Subway, or Anytime Fitness is like? Well, guess what— franchises need marketing too. So if you’re considering entering the world of franchising, learn how to position your franchise for maximum marketing success.

Sit down with one of franchising’s finest minds— Tom Dowd, CEO of Mark Wahlberg’s F45 Training, to hear what he has to say about the key marketing strategies that helped F45 to become a brand name success.

Tom divulges his top tips for improving your marketing efforts and for building your franchise from the ground up. How can KPIs empower your franchise to scale? And how can you drive brand awareness through social media and guerilla marketing efforts?

Find out why staying connected to members is the ultimate key to unlocking peak satisfaction and customer loyalty, and how continuous improvement builds a strong brand presence.

00:01:39 – Investing in Marketing to Grow a Fitness Community

00:09:39 – Maintaining Consistent Branding in Franchises

00:16:36 – Improving Marketing for a Great Product

00:25:47 – Immersing Franchisees in Studio Building

00:29:46 – Focusing on KPIs

00:36:42 – Revolutionizing Health and Wellness Training

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