15 May 2024 |

255 – How to Add Creators To Your B2B Gameplan

By Daniel Murray

Unlock the power of creators for your B2B brand. 

Derrick Hicks, Director of Marketing for ConvertKit, chats with me about the role of creators in marketing and the opportunities they present for B2B. 

How can you capitalize on the growing creator economy to fuel your personal brand? Derrick explores the different ways to add creators to your marketing mix and reveals the best kinds of collaborations and emerging strategies to make the most of your creator-driven efforts. 

Tune in as he shares his journey into marketing and divulges how he fell in love with data-driven strategies, giving valuable advice on how companies can start building their brand through better metrics and much, much more.


00:03:17 – Utilizing Creators in Marketing Strategies

00:09:34 – Testing Partnerships with Content Creators

00:18:19 – Building Personal Brands Within Companies

00:27:23 – Overcoming Consistency Challenges in Starting

00:31:13 – Take Ownership of Data for Revenue Growth

00:38:18 – Find Darek on LinkedIn! Stay Connected


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