09 May 2024 |

254 – The Importance of Building a “Belief” in Marketing

By Daniel Murray

Unless you’re a natural-born cult leader, creating a dedicated cult following might not come easy. But that certainly doesn’t mean you still can’t create a killer following. So why not learn how to create a rabid fan base the right way? 

Jon Davids, author of “Marketing Superpowers” talks with me about the power of organic growth and community building. How can you build a strong brand and gain organic attention without using paid strategies? 

Jon shares how you can best leverage podcasting and community-driven strategies to create a loyal, cultlike following using his special influencer formula. Learn how to create your own faith, unify people under one belief, and provide actionable steps for your audience to always want more.

Plus, how can you weaponize polarization in your brand’s direction? Stay tuned to find out Jon’s best tips for leveraging your brand’s worst fans. 


00:02:04 – Unleashing Your Marketing Superpowers for Success

00:05:23 – The Power of Polarization in Branding

00:09:06 – Start Building Your Business Early

00:16:03 – Rapid Rise: Brands and Influencers

00:17:51 – Growing a Podcast Audience Consistently

00:24:14 – Early Podcasting Yields Huge Networking Benefits

00:29:36 – Building Community Through Organic Engagement

00:30:55 – Crafting a Unique Unifying Belief

00:32:03 – Harnessing the Power of Organic Marketing


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