16 April 2024 |

248 – The Hourglass Marketing Funnel, with Heather Horton of Ecrubox Digital

By Daniel Murray

No. It’s not just your imagination. Customer acquisition costs ARE rising. What can you do to maximize your marketing strategy to keep up with the cost of retention? 

Heather Horton, CEO and founder of Ecrubox Digital, chats with me about all things customer retention. From optimizing your customer acquisition channels to leveraging customer service and logistics and effectively utilizing influencer marketing, Heather breaks down everything you need to know about collecting first-party data and acquiring customers in today’s challenging market. 

Don’t miss out on these kickass tips and strategies for keeping and acquiring more customers. 


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00:00:04 – Rising Customer Acquisition Costs Explained

00:02:31 – Efficiency in Marketing Amid Rising Costs

00:05:32 – Best Customer Acquisition Strategies Today

00:11:56 – Ways to Retain Customer Loyalty

00:12:35 – Elevate Customer Service in Marketing

00:19:32 – Start Collecting First-Party Data Now

00:27:48 – Common Mistakes in Influencer Marketing

00:34:24 – Avoid Out-of-Home Ads for Small Brands


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