10 April 2024 |

247 – How AI is Going to Change the Creative Process, with Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle

By Daniel Murray

Did a bot write this or did a human? And does it really matter if you can’t tell the difference?

Discover how AI is revolutionizing the creative process and why you can’t afford *not* to jump on the latest marketing bandwagon. Russ Perry, CEO of Design Pickle, joins me to chat about the role of AI in design.

We break down the importance of understanding various digital advertising platforms before debunking the common fears that so many creatives in the industry have about AI taking over content.

Learn why AI is more friend than foe, and how it can help enhance the creative process and empower designers to create impactful and effective designs. Plus, find out how Russ got into marketing and design and his insights on the future of the industry. How does he think internal leaders can be better at directing information to their designers?

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation on the intersection of AI and creativity.


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00:00:02 – Russ Perry Talks Marketing and Design

00:03:45 – AI’s Impact on Creatives and Designers

00:10:52 – Importance of Understanding Digital Advertising

00:16:30 – Enhancing Creativity with AI Integration

00:21:58 – Human Designers Remain Essential in Evolving Industry

00:28:59 – Designing for Your Client’s Client

00:35:38 – Let the Market Decide Your Audience

00:38:08 – Listen to Content Creators for Marketing Success


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