09 April 2024 |

246 – Why is Influencer Marketing a Scam? with LondonLaz

By Daniel Murray

9 out of 10 influencers don’t understand why they got famous. Was it the video about lobsters that made them a hit? Were they not posting as much as they could have? Was there not enough interaction in the comments section? 

Why do so many influencers fail to comprehend the basics of the algorithm? And is it worth pursuing a view count at the cost of your sanity?

Learn how to monetize social media content more sustainably as TikTok sensation London Laz talks with me about his personal experience in the influencer industry. He reveals how he scaled from 0 to 9 million followers on TikTok and how he thinks about sustainability in an industry where an algorithm is the difference between monetization and bankruptcy. 

London discusses the importance of having transferable skills, the wrong way of doing influencer marketing, and the power of building a loyal audience. 

Don’t miss out on this conversation with one of social media’s biggest personalities.

00:00:37 – Navigating Between Influencer and Traditional Marketing

00:05:36 – Influencer Marketing: Scam or Success?

00:12:00 – Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing Strategies

00:15:28 – Brands Seek High-Quality Influencer Content

00:22:34 – Understanding Influencer Marketing Beyond Affiliates

00:26:29 – Doubling Down on High-Quality Content

00:30:38 – Focus on Audience and Product

00:37:27 – Maximize Your Influence: Social Media Strategy

00:39:02 – Marketing Hill

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