20 March 2024 |

241 – The Ultimate Guide to Launching Products, with “Ready to Launch” Podcast Crew

By Daniel Murray

Join my LinkedIn besties/kickass product marketers Tamara Grominsky, Andy McCotter-Bicknell, and Jason Oakley, hosts of the podcast, “Ready for Launch,” as they take a deep dive into the world of product launches with me. 

We’re chatting about everything product marketing and unleashing the BEST tips out there to help you nail your product launch from start to finish. 

Do your launches lack originality and planning? Having trouble knowing where to start when it comes to market research? Not sure about the best way to plan and manage your go-to-market strategy?  

Don’t worry—we’ve got your back. Me, Jason, Tamara, and Andy are breaking down everything from the importance of product marketing, to the role of competitive intelligence in launch strategies, and the differentiation tactics that can make your launch stand out.

By the end of this ep, I guarantee you’ll have all the ingredients you need for a successful product launch. 

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00:04:38 – Ingredients for a Successful Product Launch

00:12:23 – Choosing Personas for Product Launch

00:14:17 – Start with Your Launch KPI

00:15:48 – Product Launch Pricing Strategies Decoded

00:22:02 – Product Marketer’s Role in Launch

00:25:31 – Prioritizing Product Launches for Success

00:29:09 – How to Align Product Management

00:30:32 – Poaching Customers: Growth Strategy Insights

00:33:46 – Standing Out in Product Launches

00:39:22 – Iterative Launch Strategy for Long-Term Success

00:44:23 – Differentiating Between a Release and a Launch

00:49:25 – Competitor Analysis: Key to Success

00:50:33 – Product Marketing: Not Just Marketing


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