19 March 2024 |

240 – What Most Marketers Don’t Know About the Cialdini Principles, with Bas Wouters, CEO of Cialdini Institute

By Daniel Murray

There are only a few episodes of The Marketing Millennials left, and you seriously cannot afford to miss the incredible surprises I have in store for these jam-packed last few episodes. Seriously, EVERYONE I’ve talked to has said that these next eps are some of the ABSOLUTE BEST they’ve heard. 

Well err—full disclosure— this is nowhere near the end of the Marketing Millennials, and the above paragraph is a complete lie BUT… did it make you feel more compelled to tune in? Wanna know why you might have felt more intrigued? 

Master of psychology and current CEO of the Cialdini Institute, Bas Wouters is here to unravel some of his best-kept secrets for conquering the human psyche. Bas is a globally recognized expert in influence, persuasion, and behavior design. With his online lead generator, he disrupted the Dutch kitchen industry and generated millions in sales. After he sold his company and founded the Online Influence Institute, Dr. Robert Cialdini – the ‘Godfather of Influence’ – asked him to co-found the prestigious Cialdini Institute and serve as its CEO. In this role, Bas helps thousands of influence enthusiasts globally get a YES more often, both offline and online.

He talks to me about how you can master the principles of persuasion for your own marketing toolset, uncovering some simple tips into the value of reciprocity, scarcity, liking, and social proof. 

Learn how to ethically apply these principles to connect with your audience and drive results. Plus, find out why understanding human behavior is essential for marketers and how it can take your marketing strategy to the next level.


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00:00:33 – Exploring Marketing, Human Behavior, Psychology

00:03:11 – Uncovering the Secrets of Marketing Principles

00:05:38 – Harnessing the Power of Social Proof

00:10:45 – Boost Conversions Ethically with Principles

00:16:15 – Trigger Reciprocity in Marketing Copy

00:25:20 – Harnessing Scarcity for Effective Marketing

00:29:02 – Using Behavioral Science for Marketing Success


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