13 March 2024 |

239 – How to Use AI to Level Up our Content Distribution, with Ross Simmonds

By Daniel Murray

As marketers, it’s easy to think AI is our #1 enemy. But what if I told you, it’s actually your secret superpower? 

Stop thinking about AI as your arch-nemesis and start thinking of it as your new best friend. Ross Simmonds, the mastermind digital strategist behind some of the biggest SaaS and cloud companies in the world and the current founder of his digital marketing firm, Foundation, chats with me about the future of AI and content creation.

Can AI turn a bad writer into a great one (first of all, let’s hope not; second of all, have you read what Chat GPT writes lately)? And, what are the best AI hacks to repurpose your content for maximum distribution? Ross spills his deepest thoughts on how marketers should be optimizing AI usage before breaking down some of his top hacks for building trust and authority within your community. 

Isn’t it time to bust out of obscurity and build your brand into a household name? Then Ross is ready to dish his playbook on exactly how. Tune in now.


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