07 March 2024 |

237 – Rare Beauty’s Marketing, with CMO Katie Welch

By Daniel Murray

Discover the secrets behind the success of Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, as Ari Murray talks with Katie Welch, the CMO of Rare Beauty in this live recording from Marketingland.

Learn how Rare Beauty leveraged social media, particularly TikTok, to fuel the popularity of their products and engage with their superfan community. How has Rare Beauty managed to overcome the challenges of balancing distribution at a massive scale while still maintaining a direct relationship with customers? 

Katie also explores the advantages of in-house marketing and reveals how Rare Beauty’s mission to tear down perfection in the beauty industry has led to their rampant success. Learn about Rare Beauty’s commitment to destigmatizing mental health through their Rare Impact Fund, which donates a percentage of sales to support mental health initiatives.

If you’re looking to glean insights into the career path of a beauty marketer and gain valuable advice on how to break into the industry, this one’s a must-listen.


00:00:40 – Entering Beauty Marketing

00:02:48 – Navigating the Career Path in Marketing

00:03:33 – Rare Beauty’s In-House Marketing Strategy

00:06:36 – Destigmatizing Mental Health Through Beauty

00:12:25 – Rare Beauty Blush Goes Viral

00:14:22 – Understand Your Brand’s Unique Selling Proposition

00:17:36 – Key to Successful Marketing: Point of Difference

00:20:34 – Balancing Brand Growth and Customer Ownership


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