22 February 2024 |

232 – Ecommerce Trends for 2024 and Beyond, with Eric Dyck

By Daniel Murray

Are you looking for strategies to improve your brand’s storytelling and marketing efforts? 

Eric Dyck, President of the DTC Newsletter, shares his insights on the importance of storytelling and how it can be integrated into every aspect of your brand, dissecting the evolving landscape of social media platforms and the opportunities they present for marketers. 

Eric also shares his journey into marketing and his perspective as a millennial in the industry. He and Daniel unpack strategies employed by challenger brands and agencies to create long-term value and drive profitability. What are some of the best brand strategies they’ve seen in 2024? 

If you’re interested in learning about effective storytelling, the role of social media platforms, and the future of marketing, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to gain valuable insights from these industry experts.


00:00:02 – Marketing Millennials Podcast: Eric’s Journey

00:04:32 – Brands Seek Alternatives in Saturated Market

00:09:49 – Efficiency in Funnels Key for 2024

00:20:20 – Aggressive Amazon Ads: Winning Strategies Revealed

00:27:56 – Kanye West’s Scrappy Marketing Strategy

00:34:52 – Profit-Driven Marketing Trends on Google

00:36:25 – Constantly Storytelling: Building Your Brand


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