06 February 2024 |

227 – Marketing’s Deadliest Sins, with Sam Dunning

By Daniel Murray

Are you making these deadly sins in your marketing strategy?

In this episode of the Marketing Millennials, Daniel sits down with Sam Dunning to discuss some of the biggest mistakes marketers make and how to avoid them. From hiding pricing to designing for ego, Sam shares his insights on what not to do in your marketing efforts.

Tune in to learn why transparency and social proof are crucial, how to optimize your website for speed, and why research is the key to success in marketing. Plus, discover Sam’s tips for creating a frictionless customer experience and driving more inbound leads.

Don’t miss out on this valuable conversation with one of marketing’s coolest operators.

00:00:07 – Avoid the Ego in Website Design

00:01:25 – From Retail to Marketing Guru: Deadly Sins of Website SEO

00:02:48 – Avoid the Deadly Sin of Website Design

00:05:06 – Building a Rock Solid Website

00:07:23 – Tailor Your Homepage for Success

00:10:29 – Fix Your Slow Website Speed

00:13:18 – The Importance of Transparent Pricing

00:16:54 – The Deadly Sins of Pricing

00:19:11 – Why You Should Offer Free Demos

00:22:23 – Don’t Neglect Organic Search Traffic

00:28:04 – The Power of Social Proof

00:30:21 – Drive Sales Leads with Clear Call to Actions

00:32:58 – Marketing’s Coolest Operators Share Insights

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