30 January 2024 |

226 – How to Build an Authentic Personal Brand, with Amelia Sordell

By Daniel Murray

How can you build a strong personal brand that resonates with your audience? 

Amelia Sordell, founder of Klowt, joins Daniel to discuss the importance of empathy and authenticity in personal branding. She reveals the true power of storytelling and human connection in B2B marketing and breaks down the steps you can take to start building your personal brand today. 

Plus, Amelia also shares her best tactics for crafting a killer content strategy and shares why having followers isn’t the same thing as building a community. 

To learn the true secret to creating a personal brand that stands out and drives meaningful engagement, don’t miss out on this one! 


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00:00:02 – Personal Branding Tips from Amelia Sordell

00:01:54 – The Power of Personal Branding for Executives

00:09:22 – The Importance of Building a Personal Brand

00:15:37 – The Importance of Setting Content Goals

00:22:02 – Building a Personal Brand Strategy

00:30:47 – Building a Loyal Audience with Depth

00:35:33 – Building a Community vs. Gaining Followers

00:38:34 – The Power of Depth in Content Creation

00:39:47 – The Importance of Human-Centric Marketing


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