18 January 2024 |

225 – How to Make B2B Content More Engaging, with James Carbary

By Daniel Murray

Struggling to create engaging B2B content that resonates with your audience?  

Then maybe it’s time to make it more human. 

Tune in as Daniel chats with James Carbary, founder of Sweet Fish Media, about the power of human connection in content marketing. James shares why he believes that genuine insight is more effective than brand messaging when it comes to B2B, the importance of hiring creators over traditional marketers, and the benefits of building multiple personal brands within your team.

Plus, learn the reasons why James thinks audience building is critical to launching any podcast and why co-hosted content is king. 


00:00:00 – The Evolution of Marketing Millennials

00:00:51 – From Blog Writing to Media Brand: The Evolution of a Marketing Agency

00:03:22 – Creating Engaging B2B Content with Personality

00:07:15 – Building an Audience Before Podcasting

00:14:29 – Solving the Lack of Podcasting Expertise

00:21:14 – How to Make B2B Content Engaging

00:27:32 – Aligning Incentives for Growing Podcasts

00:29:27 – Innovative Brands Partnering with Creators

00:37:46 – Why Companies Should Hire Creators

00:43:04 – Navigating Today’s Media Landscape: Expert Tips


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