04 January 2024 |

223 – Decoding Great Marketing, with Paxton Gray

By Daniel Murray

What are the key elements of great marketing? How can marketers develop business acumen and continue to innovate within the constraints of profitability? 

Daniel chats with Paxton Gray, a seasoned marketer and the CEO of 97th Floor, about his unique perspective on the industry. They discuss the importance of empathy, profitability, and innovation in marketing, and unpack how marketers can understand their audience on a deeper level. 

Paxton also shares his thoughts on the role of AI in marketing and explains the true potential of mixing data-driven insights with human intuition. How can adapting to a more holistic marketing mindset elevate your marketing game to new heights?

Tune in to find out!


00:00:01 – Innovative Marketing Strategies from Paxton Gray

00:00:17 – From Traditional Advertising to Digital Marketing: Daniel’s Journey

00:01:43 – The Three Elements of Great Marketing

00:04:23 – Focus on Profitability, Not Revenue

00:08:36 – The Power of Profit-Driven Innovation

00:13:30 – How Marketers Can Connect with Their Audience

00:21:16 – Finding Your Marketing Edge Beyond the 9 to 5

00:23:16 – The Trick to Innovation: Research

00:31:13 – Marketers Need Business Acumen

00:34:31 – Understanding One Channel for Successful Advertising


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