21 December 2023 |

222- Leveraging Psychology with the Power of Pre-suasion, with Katelyn Bourgoin

By Daniel Murray

Are you missing out on the power of pre-suasion in your marketing strategy?

In this episode, Caitlin Bourgoin, host of “Why We Buy,” joins Daniel to explore the core tenets of pre-suasion and to unpack how you can prepare buyers to be more open to your offer through priming behaviors.

She and Daniel chat about the importance of researching consumer behaviors and Katelyn explains what kind of an impact understanding buying behaviors can have on your content. How can changing the angle of your content completely alter its reception? 

Plus, learn about the psychology behind priming your audience and why behavioral science gives marketers a compass to distinguish between what’s working and what’s not. 


00:01:50 – The Power of Persuasion in Content Marketing

00:03:19 – Priming Your Audience for Buying

00:06:51 – Powerful Psychology Techniques for Persuasion

00:10:37 – The Importance of Expertise in Content Marketing

00:14:26 – The Power of Imagery in Marketing

00:24:05 – The Key to Successful Marketing: Deep Expertise in Your Field

00:34:35 – The Power of Unity in Persuasion

00:38:45 – Understanding the Context of Buyer’s Situations


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