30 November 2023 |

216 – The Best Go-To-Market Strategies for Launching Your Product, with Rebecca Shaddix

By Daniel Murray

How can marketers ensure transparency and accountability in their data reporting? 

Rebecca Shaddix, senior product marketer for 15Five, joins Daniel to chat about why finding a go-to-market strategy that aligns with team goals is critical and why a more collaborative, accountable process is necessary when it comes to marketing.  She discusses the importance of having a centralized dashboard and using metrics that can’t be easily manipulated by other factors. 

Rebecca shares her insights on risk management and the balance between savings and potential growth, highlighting the necessity for greater data transparency.

Tune in to learn more about Rebecca’s approach to marketing and how to set effective KPIs for your go-to-market strategy.


00:00:58 – The Importance of Effective KPIs in Go-to-Market Strategy

00:03:28 – How to Align Company Goals

00:09:22 – The Importance of Aligning KPIs

00:11:45 – Effective Marketing Strategies for Product Launches

00:14:14 – Effective Planning for Go-to-Market Strategies

00:16:06 – The Problem with Data Transparency

00:18:25 – Effective Retro: Alignments, Data, Action

00:26:22 – The Science of Determining Effective Marketing KPIs

00:34:13 – The Importance of Risk Management in Pricing Decisions

00:37:50 – The Power of Incremental Product Launches


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