22 November 2023 |

214 – Evergreen Marketing Strategies, with Kari Keating

By Daniel Murray

How do you create a campaign worthy of breaking the internet?  

Well, for starters, working with Matthew McConaughey certainly helps. But then again, so does a calculated and intentional marketing strategy.

Kari Keating, Director of Evergreen Marketing for Mastermind.com, explains how she harnesses the power of lead generation, evergreen marketing, and branding to create some of the most sought-after GTM strategies.

Kari shares her expertise on how to tap into your audience’s main emotions to drive action, and divulges how she helps major brands, startup companies, and solopreneurs achieve their marketing goals through nurturing leads and finding the best channels for reaching their ideal audience. 

From branding to messaging and everything in between, Kari’s breaking down the best ways to optimize your evergreen campaigns and build trust with your audience. 

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00:00:22 – From Corporate to Entrepreneur: Mastering Branding and Messaging

00:04:21 – The Power of Evergreen Marketing

00:05:44 – Maximizing Email for Direct Response Marketing

00:09:39 – Launching Matthew McConaughey’s Evergreen Product

00:12:13 – Mastermind Membership: Personal Development and Business Tactics

00:20:43 – Overcoming Mental Blocks in Marketing

00:24:45 – Breaking Down Marketing: Attention and Nurturing

00:26:28 – Discovering the Best Marketing Channels

00:33:25 – The Power of Email Marketing


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