07 November 2023 |

209: Why Audio is One of the Most Powerful Tools in Marketing, with Paul Suchman

By Daniel Murray

Audio is the most trusted medium out there— so why aren’t more marketers utilizing it to boost their brand strategy?

Paul Suchman, CMO at Audacy, Inc., drops the studio to chat with Daniel about the power of audio media consumption and discloses how marketers can leverage it as a holistic part of their native advertising strategy.  

With multiple ways to measure traffic and attribution rates, audio advertising still remains one of the most scientifically trackable mediums out there. Paul explains how to leverage those statistics and the best ways to invest your time and resources into podcasting. Later, he also breaks down why organic and authentic advertising efforts are the best strategy for any creator. 

So whether you’re curious about the impact of audio or looking to start your own audio channel, you won’t want to miss this unique glimpse into the industry from one of its foremost experts!


Audio is the most efficient and effective media. Audacy’s State of Audio provides a practical playbook – planning tips, creative how-to’s, innovative trends – all to help our advertisers level up their Audio game.

Visit stateofaudio.com to learn more. 

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