26 October 2023 |

206: Why Project Managers Are Essential to Marketing Success, with Kayla Sadwick

By Daniel Murray

How can marketing teams improve their efficiency and organization? 

In this episode of the Marketing Millennials Podcast, Kayla Sadwick, Program Manager at SaaS unicorn company, GoGuardian, shares her insights on project management and its importance in marketing organizations. She discusses the best project management structures and formats that make teams more efficient, the role of a program manager in unlocking a team’s full potential, and the significance of prioritization and focus in marketing. 

Kayla also addresses the stigma around working with project managers and offers advice on how leaders and project managers can establish a positive working relationship.

Plus, how can culture fit and external communication foster a more productive and understanding team environment? Tune in to find out!


00:00:05 – Mastering Prioritization in Marketing Projects

00:00:33 – The Importance of Project Management in Marketing

00:01:53 – How to Prioritize and Focus Marketing Efforts

00:03:35 – The Key to Great Marketing Teams

00:12:26 – Building Trust for Efficient Project Management

00:14:04 – The Strategic Aspect of Project Management

00:23:19 – Breaking the Stigma of Project Managers

00:26:16 – Setting Clear Expectations for Team Success

00:32:01 – The Importance of Externally Sharing Team Work

00:34:26 – The Importance of Early Project Management


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