24 October 2023 |

205: Live from Marketingland: How to Dominate Social Media and Community, with Elfried Samba

By Daniel Murray

Join Daniel as he sits down with Elfried Samba, CEO and founder of the Butterfly 3ffect and former Head of Social at Gymshark, to discuss the importance of building relationships with customers and the power of storytelling in marketing.

In this special live episode straight from the Marketingland stomping grounds, Daniel and Elfried are unpacking the ins and outs of successful content creation, revealing how creative constraints can lead to some of the best ideas.

They also dive into the value of niche content and the role of authenticity in brand messaging. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with a marketing expert who has achieved remarkable success in a short period of time.


00:00:26 – From 1 Million to 30 Million: Gym Shark’s Social Media Success

00:06:45 – The Role of Marketing in Content Creation

00:08:39 – The Power of Listening on Social Media

00:15:25 – Adapting to Changing Marketing Platforms

00:19:40 – How to Be a Content Expert

00:25:24 – The Power of Community Content

00:44:51 – Using Creative Constraints for Growth


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