12 October 2023 |

203 – The power audience & competitor insights, with Charlie Grinnell

By Daniel Murray

Are you making strategic decisions based on information or inspiration? 

In this episode, Charlie Grinnell, a former NFL player turned marketer, shares his insights on the importance of understanding the game, the players, and the rules before developing a marketing strategy. 

Charlie discusses the value of knowing your audience and how it can make your internal processes much easier. He also emphasizes the need to take a holistic approach by considering both customers and competitors when making strategic decisions.

Additionally, Charlie shares his thoughts on finding inspiration within and outside of your industry, including the use of meme culture in branding. 

Plus, what does it mean to transfer expectations in marketing? And how can it be a game-changer for digital strategies? Tune in to find out!

00:00:02 – From Offensive Line to Marketing: A Millennial’s Journey

00:02:13 – The Importance of Audience Analysis for Brands

00:04:36 – Effective Strategies for Gathering Market Research

00:11:28 – How to Ten X Your Digital Strategy with Audience Insights

00:15:50 – Know Your Audience: Brief Agencies Correctly

00:20:07 – Using Data to Inform Marketing Strategy

00:27:37 – Finding Inspiration Inside and Outside

00:28:55 – The Importance of Knowing the Game

00:29:55 – The Gold Mine of Transferring in Marketing

00:34:59 – Why You Should Look at Competitors in Marketing

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