27 September 2023 |

196 – How to Gain Impressions and Grow Your Followers, with Matthew Kobach

By Daniel Murray

How does a food delivery app compete with behemoths like UberEats and Favor? 

Hint: It doesn’t try to. 

Matthew Kobach, the VP of marketing at Slice, chats with Daniel about how his app Slice is poised to work in conjunction with other food delivery apps by offering companies a lower service fee charge than the competition. 

Then, Matthew and Daniel dive into the different ways customers interact with apps and how location is a prime factor that motivates consumer behavior. Matthew also reveals some of his top tips for gaining social media influence and why he thinks that a lot of marketers are wasting their time on making content. 

Plus, stay tuned to find out why one of Matthew’s top tips is to repeat content!


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