20 September 2023 |

193 – Marketingland Sneak Peek: How to Plan Your Marketing Budget for 2024, with Kyle Lacy

By Daniel Murray

Join Daniel in this insightful episode as he sits down with Kyle Lacy, the Chief Marketing Officer at Jellyfish. They dive deep into the intricacies of prepping for 2024 and the essential aspects of budgeting and planning for marketing success.  

Discover why working with three budgets (good, better, best) is a game-changer and how allocating your budget with a 70/30 split between pipeline and brand placement can yield remarkable results.

Kyle also sheds light on the significance of swag in today’s marketing landscape and gives a glimpse into his predicted marketing future as he and Daniel discuss the impact of AI, the remote work environment, and the resurgence of events in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. 


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