30 August 2023 |

189 – How to Create Great Memes, with Aidan Brannigan

By Daniel Murray

A meme can say 1,000 words. Are you leveraging memes properly in your social media strategy? 

Aidan Brannigan, the behind-the-scenes social media expert here at The Marketing Millennials, explains why memes are a powerful tool for brand awareness and engagement. Aidan shares his process for creating timely and relatable memes and explains the importance of understanding your audience to ensure you’re using the right templates.

In addition to discussing memes, Aidan and Daniel dive into managing multiple social media accounts, the battle between quantity and quality on social media, and the significance of authenticity in marketing.

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and learn how to effectively incorporate memes into your branding strategy.


00:00:07 A No-BS Marketing Podcast

00:01:48 From Intern to Marketing Millennials Frontman

00:04:32 Why Memes Are Great for Branding

00:08:16 How to Make Memes

00:09:54 The Millennial Mindset

00:14:43 How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

00:23:41 How to Write Content Well (For Gen Zers)

00:28:49 A Marketing Hill to Die On


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