24 August 2023 |

188 – Social Media’s Best Strategy Secrets, with Ish Verduzco

By Daniel Murray

In this week’s ep, Daniel’s taking an in-depth look into the social media universe with Ish Verduzco, the whiz behind a16z crypto’s online prowess. 

Wondering how to carve out your space in the vast social media realm? Ish gets real on building a social presence from A-Z by setting goals, finding your brand’s voice, and understanding your audience in 4K clarity, divulging his real-life playbook on the secrets to a slam-dunk brand style guide.

Plus, what are the do’s and don’ts of hopping onto a new social platform? And what’s the secret sauce to crafting that one viral post that’s gonna blow up and get everyone talking?

Tune in to find out why the algorithm is your audience and the ultimate marketing hill Ish would die on. 


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