10 August 2023 |

184 – How to Align Copy and Content, with Creative Director of Sharma Brands, Carly Lieberman

By Daniel Murray

What does it mean to be a creative director?

Carly Lieberman, Creative Director at Sharma Brands, drops by the studio to chat about her experience merging copy, content, and design together to form cohesive ad campaigns. 

She imparts some of the wisdom she’s learned about making great ads, including the importance of knowing your audience, distinguishing the nuances between paid and unpaid audiences, and listening to what the data tells you. 

Carly also shares her insights on writing great copy and aligning landing pages to specific ad campaigns, sharing some of her favorite ads she’s led campaigns for during the course of her storied career. 


0:00 Intro/Background

3:09 What Does it Mean to Be a Creative Director

5:05 Making Great Ads

10:08 Thinking About Copy

14:07 Aligning Ads to Landing Pages

19:00 Ads Carly’s Most Proud Of

21:26 Creating a Brief

26:29 A Hill to Die On


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