08 August 2023 |

183 – How to Make Content that Converts, with Alexa Ritacco (CMO of Jenni Kayne)

By Daniel Murray

In today’s pod, Daniel sits down with the dynamic Alexa Ritacco, CMO of the chic clothing line, Jenni Kayne. With a rock-solid focus on acquisition, retention, and e-commerce, Alexa shares how she cleverly marries the brand and performance world to create content that captures customers and conversions. 

Alexa dishes on her journey with Jenni Kayne from its scrappy marketing beginnings to revamping the company into a multi-million dollar business. She emphasizes how lifestyle imagery and product placement play crucial roles in their content strategy, giving customers a glimpse into how Jenni Kayne fits seamlessly into their everyday lives.

Eager to maintain cohesion across channels? Alexa’s got you covered! She’s also divulging the secret sauce to balancing immersive in-store experiences with e-commerce’s digital nature and sheds some light on how to pick the right influencers and determine which third-party attribution systems might not be the best fit.


0:00 Intro/Background

2:53 Creating Content That Converts

6:19 Concepting

12:00 Changing Content with Scale

15:35 What Makes Great Content

19:24 Maintaining Cohesion

22:30 Working with Influencers

25:48 A Hill to Die On

28:45 Follow Us


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