20 July 2023 |

179 – How to Create Industry-Leading Content, with Tommy Walker

By Daniel Murray

Having worked for businesses like Shopify, Quickbooks, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Twitch, and GoDaddy, Tommy Walker knows a thing or two about content marketing. 

He sits down with Daniel to discuss the top three principles of marketing he considers paramount to any great content, including the value of a great value proposition, how content is a form of social currency, and why Slack is where decisions are made. 

Find out what you can do with your marketing plan once technology gets out of the way and how you can better differentiate your brand against other software companies with the same features.


0:00 Intro/Background

2:39 The Three Axioms of Content Marketing

20:29 How to Think About Content Marketing

25:00 Mid Funnel Advertising

30:30 Lead Generation

34:30 A Premise in Action

37:18 A Hill to Die On


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