18 July 2023 |

177 – Creating Great Media, with HubSpot’s CMO, Kipp Bodnar

By Daniel Murray

How does one of the world’s most influential companies think about marketing? 

HubSpot’s CMO, Kipp Bodnar, is in the studio to unpack all of the lessons he’s learned in marketing. He’s talking to Daniel about why you should always create content that prioritizes helping and entertaining your audience above all else, why podcasting remains one of the hardest channels to grow an audience in, and how HubSpot thinks about hiring content creators. 

Plus, Kipp also divulges how he thinks about the media funnel and explains why distribution is everything.


0:00 Intro/Background

1:30 Creating Great Media

4:20 Considering Creators

9:46 Podcasting is Hard

13:30 The Media Funnel Parts

16:35 Qualitative Data Tracking

22:00 HubSpot Marketing

22:20 Words of Advice

25:20 The Hiring Criteria

30:46 A Hill to Die On

33:23 Follow Us

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