27 June 2023 |

174 – How to Run Successful Facebook (Meta) Ads, with Torii Rowe

By Daniel Murray

What’s the secret sauce to scaling and growing companies?

According to former cop-turned-performance marketer Torii Rowe, it’s all about discipline and knowing just how far you can push and pull in your ad campaigns.

Torii’s uncovering his tried-and-true methodology for scaling companies like Upsaint, Manssion, and MVMT, and you can bet that it involves rigorous A/B testing, broad targeting, and high-converting landing pages.

Then, find out why the best testing ads are the ones you least expect— and capturing cold traffic is the key to fueling your company’s growth.

If you’re looking to scale, you won’t wanna miss this one.

0:00 Intro/Background

1:45 From Cop to Growth Marketer

3:20 Scaling Businesses

7:00 Great Facebook Ads

10:55 Ad Targeting

13:40 AOV

16:00 High Converting Land Pages

20:32 Predicting What Works

22:50 A Hill to Die On

27:15 Word of Advice

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