20 June 2023 |

171 – How to Deal with Budget Cuts, with Jackie Hermes

By Daniel Murray

On this week’s pod, Daniel and special guest Jackie Hermes, CEO of Accelity, chat about the difficult aspects of building an audience, generating leads, and investing in paid advertising.

What should a marketing plan look like when you’re dealing with budget cuts? What are the most effective behaviors when it comes to building an audience? And why is it important not to put your marketing eggs all in the same basket?

Then, Jackie and Daniel discuss the more annoying aspects of lead generation, including why bickering over attribution is so common within marketing and how marketers can step outside of that singular and self-destructive mindset and start taking ownership over pipeline generation.

0:00 Intro/Background

3:20 Working with Budget Cuts

6:20 Setting Up a Marketing Plan

10:07 Paid Advertising

22:23 The Role of Marketing

28:50 A Hill to Die On

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