25 May 2023 |

164 – How the #1 Google Ads Agency Owner Thinks About AI, with Kasim Aslam

By Daniel Murray

Is AI a marketer’s best friend or worst foe?

Well, according to Kasim Aslam, owner of the number one ranked Google ads agency, Solutions 8, it’s maybe a little bit of both?

Kasim and Daniel talk about all things AI— how it poses a threat to marketing job security, how it will affect the state of SEO as we currently know it, and what can be done to ensure marketers adapt to AI trends in order to improve efficiency rates.

Then, find out what marketing hill Kasim would die on and why you should go ahead girl, go ‘head niche down.

0:00 Intro/Background

1:18 AI for Search

6:37 AI & Job Security

14:11 AI & Ads

19:17 AI & Supply Chain Efficiency

22:27 The State of SEO

29:15 A Hill to Die On

33:08 Words of Advice

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