04 May 2023 |

160 – How Marketing and Sales Can Work Together, with Leslie Venetz

By Daniel Murray

As the founder of Sales Team Builder LLC., Leslie Venetz spends her time helping commercial teams build repeatable processes and winning playbooks that produce revenue.

She chats with Daniel about the things that encourage marketing success, like ensuring consistency in messaging, reassuring prospects that sales and marketing have their best interests at heart, and avoiding overly flowery language in sales copy.

Plus, if you aren’t using cold-calling as a channel, find out why Leslie thinks you may not have what it takes to win in a sales environment.

0:00 Background

1:49 Embracing a Sales-Led Approach

3:18 Outbound vs. Inbound Sales

13:57 Marketing Success

19:30 Improving Efficiency

32:50 A Hill to Die On

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