13 April 2023 |

154 – The Secret to Scaling Your Creative Team, with Amrita Mathur (VP of Marketing, Superside)

By Daniel Murray

How much time do creatives actually spend creating?

Amrita Mathur, VP of Marketing at the Creative-as-a-Service agency, Superside, is in the studio to talk about why creatives spend so little time actually creating and how a great DesignOps team can increase workflow and efficiency among creatives.

She and Daniel also discuss the advantages of centralized vs. decentralized marketing, the best way to scale a marketing department, and how creative team success should be measured.

Plus, what’s the advantage of hiring freelancers over full-time employees? Tune in to find out!

0:00 Intro

2:08 Lessons from Computer Science

3:10 Scaling a team

5:45 Alignment is Key in Marketing

12:00 Do You Tie Outcome Results to a Creative Team?

14:03 Design Ops

22:08 A Marketing Hill to Die On

25:40 Words of Advice

29:44 Contact Us

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