01 November 2022 |

118 – How to Create a Successful Brand / Influencer Partnership, With Brendan Gahan

By Daniel Murray

Brendan Gahan throws his influencer marketing playbook wide open in this high signal interview.

As Partner and Chief Social Officer at Mekanism, Brendan has worked in the creator/influencer brand partnership for space for years.

He and Daniel talk specifics about creating the right brand/creator relationship, how to move creators down through the marketing funnel, and why relationships are at the heart of Brendan’s work.

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01:42 The Pitch That Broke The Internet

06:06 How to Treat a Brand Partnership

12:00 Activating Your Your Brand

16:03 Starting With a Blank Slate

17:07 The Marketing Hill I Would Die On

19:23 Landing Page Power

23:04 Building on Rented Land

27:13 Follow The Smart People

28:45 Remember Relationships

The Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is digital marketing that identifies specific individuals who have the potential to impact your target market and facilitates an ongoing relationship with them.

The purpose is to encourage these influencers to advocate for your brand by promoting your products or services, either through their personal channels (social media, blog, etc.) or by working directly with you as a sponsored partner. This article will help explain the ins and outs of influencer marketing and why it could be beneficial to your company.

What is Influencer Marketing?

In its most basic form, influencer marketing is finding people who are already engaging with your brand, or who have the potential to impact your target market, and encouraging them to advocate for your brand. In that sense, it’s a type of marketing; but it also goes beyond the standard marketing practices we’re all familiar with, like event sponsorship, paid advertisements, and public relations.

The key difference is that influencers are people who have a large following that trusts their recommendations. That means, if your company were to partner with an influencer, there’s a good chance their followers would take the recommendation seriously, which could lead to increased sales for your brand.

Why is Influencer Marketing Effective?

Before diving into the ways in which influencer marketing can be effective for your company, it’s helpful to first understand why it’s such a powerful marketing tool. The most obvious advantage is that advertisements can be very expensive, especially if you’re working with major brands that would like to work with you.

By contrast, influencer marketing is generally free for you as the business owner. That’s right; it’s not something you’ll have to pay for. But influencers are doing this because they get something out of it too, usually in the form of free products (or sometimes a fee). It’s a win-win situation, which makes this form of marketing extremely effective.

4 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Be Effective

– Brand Awareness – When your brand is mentioned in popular publications or on social media, it can create brand awareness like nothing else can. Influencer marketing can help your brand get in front of the right people at the right time, so they can be aware of your products or services.

– Increased Trust – When influencers promote your brand, their followers trust their recommendations. Marketers have used this to their advantage for years, which is why influencers are now the preferred source of information for many consumers.

– Traffic to Your Website – Your influencer marketing efforts don’t have to start and end with just getting people aware of your brand. You can also direct people to your website, where they can make purchases. You’ll want to make sure you have a well-designed website that makes it easy for your visitors to find the products they’re looking for.

– Sales – The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is likely to make sales for your business. Influencer marketing can help you create relationships with potential customers and make sales easier.

How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Brand

If you’ve decided to implement influencer marketing as a strategy for your business, you’ll need to find the right influencers to partner with. The first thing you’ll want to do is create a list of ideal influencers. Start by creating a list of the types of individuals your target market looks to for advice. This could include bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTube stars, podcasters, or journalists. Next, find out who is already working with your brand.

If you’ve done any type of advertising, you may have a list of individuals. It’s also possible that someone within your organization is already in contact with potential influencers. Once you have a list of potential influencers, you’ll want to narrow it down to the ideal ones for your business.

This can be a time-consuming process, but it’s necessary to ensure you find the right influencers who are a good fit for your brand. There are a few different things you’ll want to consider when narrowing down your list. First, do your research on each influencer to make sure they’re a good fit for your brand.

You can begin by reading about each influencer on their website, and then browse through their social media channels. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, you’ll want to consider the following questions: – Where is this influencer’s audience? – What type of content does their audience engage with? – What is the best way to get in touch with them?

Limitations of Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing can be a powerful marketing strategy, it also comes with a few limitations. The first is that you never really know how many people are actually seeing your advertisements. With traditional advertisements, you can measure the number of people who saw your ad and how many times they saw it.

With influencer marketing, you may never know how many people actually saw your advertisement. Another limitation of influencer marketing is that it can be hard to scale. Once you’ve found the influencers who are a good fit for your business, it can be challenging to find new ones. It’s also important to note that not all influencers are created equal. Some have a large following, but don’t really engage with their audience. Others have a small following, but are very engaged. You may want to consider partnering with both types of influencers depending on your goals.