27 October 2022 |

117 – How to Write a Killer Subject Line, With Jay Schwedelson

By Daniel Murray

Whether you’re Amazon or a startup, an inbox is a level playing field and subject lines are the key that unlocks success. Find out how to make them work for you.

In this fascinating conversation Daniel talks to the king of subject lines, Jay Schwedelson. Jay is the Founder of SubjectLine.com and CEO of Outcome Media and what he doesn’t know about email marketing, isn’t worth knowing.

You’ll hear Jay’s take on the two most important things to include in a subject line, how to drive engagement, and how many emails are too many emails.

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0:00 Intro

02:20 Spend Time On The Line

03:43 The Two Things You Need to Know

07:36 Power of Segmentation

09:20 How Much is Too Much

14:15 The Other Trap

18:10 The Marketing Hill I’d Die On

21:13 Trend Spotting

22:58 Use Numbers

26:59 Perfection Is The Enemy Of Progress

How to Write Email Subject Lines

You want your emails to stand out from the rest. And you need to know how to write email subject lines that break through those lines of reader defense.

Breaking through the noise and getting your message read requires a great subject line. Great subject lines capture attention, are informative, and are unique to you as a sender. These attributes will make your emails more likely to be opened by busy recipients and increase their likelihood of responding.

What Makes a Great Subject Line?

A great subject line is one that creates both exclusivity and a sense of urgency.. It’s impactful because the reader feels compelled to open it and find out exactly what’s on offer.

If you’re emailing potential customers, make it clear why they should care, by making an impact.

Your subject line should make recipients feel something. It should get them excited, intrigued, or curious enough to open the email. You want it to be so compelling that recipients can’t help but click.

5 Tips for Writing Great Email Subject Lines

– In-Person Research – The best way to write a great subject line is to write it while you’re in the presence of your audience. This will allow you to pick up on their moods, attitudes, and feelings. What are they stressed about? What are they excited about? What do they want? Using a digital platform is fine, but try to have someone else read the subject lines out loud so that you can feel the impact of your words.

– Dated Research Data – Don’t write subject lines based on the mood of the moment. Write subject lines based on what has worked for others. Conduct research on the best subject lines in your industry. Read through the open rates and click rates for emails sent by companies with whom you’d like to be associated.

– Timing is Everything – There are two general times of day when people are likely to read their emails: when they first wake up and when they go to bed. It’s best to send emails when recipients are most likely to be reading them. This will reduce the likelihood of your email being sent to the spam folder.

– Short is Best – When it comes to subject lines, less is more. Don’t try to fit your entire message into the subject line because you’ll only be reducing its effectiveness. Your subject line should be concise, impactful, and enticing, but it doesn’t need to tell the whole story.

– Summing up your message in one line – Try to sum up your message in one line. This will help recipients quickly understand the contents of your email.

Bottom line

It all comes down to this: write compelling subject lines that invite recipients to open and read your emails. Email remains a crucial communication tool in business, particularly for sales. And if you want to be successful at growing your business, you need to write great subject lines. Don’t let your emails sit in unread inboxes. Write subject lines that are impactful, specific, and enticing. Ensure that every email you send has a high open rate.