We see that women's voices aren't amplified as loud as their male counterparts in business media — let's change that. We want to help ambitious women become full-time creators at Workweek and establish them as voices of authority in their industries. Want to join us?

Why are we doing this?

Diversity and inclusion is very important to us at Workweek, but our current creator roster — and the B2B space in general — is mostly made up of male voices.

Why? Here's our hunch:

Women, especially women of color, tend to have fewer resources (they make less on the dollar) and personal bandwidth (they're often tasked with family care) than their male counterparts.

Ultimately, these obstacles make it harder for women to venture out on their own as full-time creators — especially in the B2B world, where men's voices have traditionally dominated.

What you'll get?

Money FCC

Salary match, plus a 10% raise

Computer FCC

New equipment to help you create your best


Personal coaching from media experts


Team of creators to amplify your voice


Want to win? Tell us your story for a chance to join our team.

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