Founding a startup? We're giving away $100k+ worth of capital and resources, plus mentoring sessions from proven founders and pitch meetings with hungry investors. One winner takes all — apply below to enter.

What do you get?

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Advertising Credits

Jobs 03


Job Board Credits

Cash 02



check 03


Investment Check From Workweek

Pod 01


Guest on Just Raised Podcast


Help with your pitch

Without a flawless pitch, your chances of raising capital are slim. Our mentors will work with you to craft your pitch so it’s airtight before meeting with investors. We’ve assembled an all-star cast of founders to deliver battle-tested feedback and advice.


Pitch meetings with investors

There are endless earth-shattering startups that get stuck because they can’t get in the room with investors. We’ll arrange meetings with top-tier investors to hear your new-and-improved pitch.


Tools & resources for success

Once you raise, the real pressure starts. We’ll lighten the load by giving you ad placements, recruiting exposure, a podcast appearance, cash, and future investment to keep you moving.


Co-Founder, Workweek

Co-Founder, Morning Brew

Founder and CEO, The Plug

Founder, The Generalist

Founder, Stellar Missions

Co-Founder and CEO, Beehiiv


Co-Founder and General Partner, LightShed Ventures

Senior Associate, Flybridge

Founder, Sharma Brands

Founder, Not Boring Capital

Co-Founder and General Partner, Hustle Fund

Co-Founder and MD, Pioneer Square Labs

Why are we doing this?

Launching a startup is hard — really hard.

The Just Raised Startup Founder Giveaway is here to throw gas on the fire. 

One winner will get a $100k+ lucky break: elite coaching from proven founders, guaranteed pitch meetings with hungry investors, and the capital and resources you need to hit the gas — including a $50,000 investment check from Workweek.

Our hope? You’ll be one of the next founders Joe Sweeny interviews on his Just Raised podcast.

JR Interview


Want to win? Tell us your story for a chance to take home the prize. 

Criteria to Enter: 

  1. Have a big idea
  2. Have a company incorporated
  3. Have raised less than $2M

How to apply: 

  1. Fill out the form below
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Apply by 9:00 PM EST December 17, 2021

By applying, I agree to be contacted by Workweek regarding my application and to join the launch of the Just Raised newsletter.

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