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CNN+ vs. Quibi

CNN+ vs. Quibi CNN+ is the streaming service for CNN. It launched on March 29. On Thursday, the company announced…

The $36B Nutella empire

Meet the Ferrero Group This is Giovanni Ferrero. He is Italy’s richest person, with a net worth of $36B. The…

How will Elon change Twitter?

Elon + Twitter Here’s what happened  For the uninitiated, please let me initiate you on how Elon now owns 9.1%…

F1 tech in everyday use 

How F1 technology has found its way into everyday use Competing in F1 costs so much cheddar. The combined parts…

Was David Bowie from the future? 

Was David Bowie from the future?  PLUS: Why are Doritos so addictive? Netflix Biz Model.  Thanks for subscribing to SatPost….

The art of the quote retweet

PLUS: The funniest subreddit. Thanks for subscribing to SatPost. I have a few housekeeping items this week: I’m changing email…

The Godfather almost never happened

Francis Ford Coppola overcame 6 huge obstacles to make the classic film. Thanks for subscribing to SatPost. Monday, March 14th,…

Elon, SpaceX and Ukraine

What is Elon’s history with Russia? How is Starlink working in Ukraine? Is SpaceX a national security asset? Thanks for…