10 January 2024 |

hiring INs

By Gabrielle "GB" Blackwell

✅ What’s IN ✅

#1 – Taking your time

There’s a reason people say to hire slow. 

It makes sure you’re not filling a role just for the sake of filling a role. 

AND, it helps you avoid hiring non-committal people who are just looking for a way to pay their bills. 

I’m trying my best to not throw shade at job candidates like this, but as a manager, it is PURE AGONY managing someone who is not willing or interested in earning their variable pay. 

#2 – Asking for second opinions

It’s so easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and beliefs about what makes a great candidate. Bringing in a second or third person only means you’ll have a broader perspective on how good (or not) a candidate is.

Maybe that looks like asking a trusted peer to be a part of the hiring process if they’re not already.

Or having one rep who shows leadership potential do a peer interview with your candidates.

And of course, take those reference checks seriously!

You don’t need to make your decisions solely off of what others think, and embracing concerns that others have when contemplating making a hire can help you make better decisions! 

#3 – Alignment with bosses

Real life footage of me when my boss rejects a candidate at the final stage for no good reason.

Once upon a time I worked for someone who rejected 53% of candidates at the FINAL INTERVIEW STAGE!! 

And for reasons that made not a goshdarn bit of sense…obviously, we were not aligned on what makes a great candidate.

So, I managed up.

In partnership with my TA partner, I showed my boss the data – including how much time we lost out on and how much pipeline we weren’t driving – and partnered with my boss on a game plan that we both felt good about.

I didn’t expect my boss to be a ‘yes’ on 100% of the candidates I moved to the final stage, but we did get to the 75% range after our managing up convos!


I told myself I wasn’t going to do an OUTs section, but I already had it drafted. 😈

I’ll keep it quick though…

❌ What’s OUT ❌

#1 – Over indexing on pedigree

The golden halo effect is real AF and hiring solely based on where someone has worked, where they went to school or what kind of degree they graduated with is a surefire way to get disappointed.

#2 – Gut based decision making only

Yes to trusting your intuition, but also, find a way to use your brain and your gut when making hiring decisions.

#3 – Filling a seat just to say you’ve done something

For the love of all things that are good and holy, S.T.O.P. hiring just to say you’ve hit a hiring goal. Sure, if you can find a way to make great hires in an efficient way – amazing! But if you’re just filling seats without the quality checks….you’re in for a rude awakening!