27 December 2023 |

are you happy?

By Gabrielle "GB" Blackwell

Happiness Hacks

Initially, I was stressing out about how hard it has been to stay motivated at work. I found myself asking questions like: 

  • Will I get in trouble for not being an exemplary manager 100% of the time?
  • Will my team grow to resent me because I haven’t been fully checked in?
  • Will I be okay knowing that my attitude towards work isn’t always a positive one?

But, I was today years old when I found out it’s pretty normal for sales managers to experience lulls and dips.

In fact, sales management is one of the least happy career paths a person can take, at least in the US. 

Knowing that I chose a career path where happiness isn’t always the easiest to maintain, one thing I’m exploring are different brain hacks to experience happiness.

I’ve created a short list of book titles that offer insights for folks looking to regain a sense of happiness and meaning in their lives – work included…so here are a few titles I’ll have my nightstand for the next few months:

The How of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirsky

What caught my attention about this book:

This book claims to offer practical happiness strategies for improving your personal and professional life by bringing in more fulfillment and enjoyment. Yes please!

Key insights / quotables:

  • Happy people put effort into building solid relationships and they enjoy spending time with loved ones
  • Happy people do not deal with difficult situations alone; they share their problems with others
  • Happy people don’t pay attention to how others live

Brain Rules, John Medina

What caught my attention about this book:

Brain Rules offers up 12 principles for surviving and thriving in work and life. This one seems to be tailored more towards improving performance – whatever that means for you – while offering up techniques to lead a healthier and more satisfying life.

Key insights / quotables:

  • Afternoon naps can boost cognitive performance and make your output consistent throughout the day
  • When your brain is naturally unique, there is no point in comparing yourself to others
  • Listening to music while working is an investment in productivity 

You, Happier, Daniel Amen, M.D.

What caught my attention about this book:

This one seems like the most science-y one of the three books since it’s all about unlocking the secrets of how to make your brain work better with neuroscience as a way to create more happiness in life.

Key insights / quotables:

  • Happiness isn’t necessarily about how much we have but about how much we appreciate what little we have
  • What you focus on grows into who you are; where your mind goes, your emotions flows
  • Your sense of self-worth, joy and belonging are all enhanced by having a clear sense of purpose

What are you gearing up for in 2024?

I’ve shared about my top “focus” area – getting happier at work – for 2024. 

I’m curious though, what’s yours?

Are you feeling the slump as well? Or maybe you’re riding a high right now and looking to double down in some places?

Sharing is caring – let me know what’s top of mind for you in 2024!

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