31 October 2023 |

The Shotgun vs. Sniper Approach

By Alex Alleyne

Breaking through is the hardest thing we do in sales. 

For a good chunk of my career, I was all about the shotgun approach—high volume, blast the market, and hope something sticks. Send 100 emails, make 100 calls, volume, volume, volume. 

Don’t get me wrong. It worked. I made my numbers. But it was a rollercoaster of time and effort, and I wasted so much time

Why this approach falls short:

  • Lack of Personalization: Sending generic emails won’t make you stand out.
  • Inefficient: High volume with low returns.
  • Not Scalable: Your team will burn out quickly.

So, while this approach can work, especially for tier-B and tier-C accounts, you won’t close anything tier-A.

When it comes to tier-A accounts, we’re talking about a different ballgame entirely. You need a sniper approach for these gems—precise, well-researched, and highly tailored

Finding the Bullseye: Compelling Events & Areas of Interest

Knowledge is power, folks. To conquer tier-A accounts, think differently—zero in on compelling events or areas that interest them. Go beyond the surface; dig in the weeds deep. Keep tabs on their latest activities, whether it’s a recent funding round or a new exec on board. The more you know, the better your shot.

Diving Deep:

  1. Check Company News: Watch their latest press releases or fundraising rounds.
  2. LinkedIn/Social Research: Check your prospect’s activity—what they post, like, and comment on. 
  3. Peel back the layers: Build the complete picture of who your prospects are

Stop the Scroll: Crafting the Irresistible Pitch

Imagine Sarah. She’s swamped, her email is an endless pit, and she needs to hit her quarterly targets.

Your email comes in. The subject line isn’t a vanilla “Let’s connect,” or “do you have time for a call.” 

Instead, speak to something she recently posted on LinkedIn that she’s passionate about. 

It’s not about you; it’s about her and her challenges

That’s how you craft a scroll-stopping pitch, my friends.

Align with Their Vision: The Cherry on Top

You’ve captured Sarah’s interest. Now, capture her imagination. You know her company is eyeing European markets. So you don’t just pitch a product; you pitch a dream—a future where Sarah is the hero who conquers Europe.

You’re not selling a product; you’re selling a pathway to her dreams.

Final Thoughts:

To conquer tier-A accounts, shift your focus from quantity to quality

Arm your team with compelling events and areas of interest

And most importantly, align your outreach with your prospect’s vision.

Until next week,

Alex Alleyne