05 October 2023 |

Anatomy of a Successful B2B Social Media Presence


How to generate product demand and engagement without boring webinars and white papers

Yesterday, I sat down with Chi Thukral—Social Media Lead at Hubspot—to chat through how to build a truly engaging social media presence as a B2B company.

I’ll share the recording below in just a second, but a few high-level notes I took from the presentation:

Takeaway 1: Humanize your brand.

B2B customers are still humans! I can’t believe this needs explaining, but you’d be surprised. You customers don’t sit down for work at 9am and suddenly feel the urge to consume boring blog articles and webinars. Give your brand a personality, and create social native content.

Takeaway 2: Think of your brand on social as a person.

Too many companies try to do some sort of abstract ‘brand voice’ brainstorming session that doesn’t really lead anywhere. Chi’s preferred method is to think of your brand as an actual person. What are their preferences? How do they communicate? What type of content to they like to watch? Get crystal clear, and this will make your brand voice (and also filter what type of content to post) much easier.

Takeaway 3: View risk on a sliding scale.

B2B executives can be quite hesitant to take risks on social, whether it’s adopting a more casual voice or incorporating memes. You don’t need to go all in right away. Start slowly early on, explain your rationale, and build trust with leadership over time. That said, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a bit. Chi said she likes to pick ~3 out of every 10 ‘hills to die on.’

You can check out the full, hour-long talk (and Q&A session) right here. It’s free. It’s ungated. Just dive in and start taking notes.

Watch here.