28 August 2023 |

13 brands I’m obsessed with on social


Add these accounts to your Swipe File

  1. Represent Clothing — Rep clothing makes up about 50-60% of my wardrobe. The way the brand, and the founders, have approached content is textbook. Brand channels highlight the product, and George Heaton (co-founder) has taken a build-in-public approach to his own socials which has built a tight-knit community around the brand.
  2. Notion — Notion is gold-standard for a hybrid B2B / B2C software product socials. I love how they tailor their voice and social strategy depending on the platform, to speak directly to the segment of their target audience is active on the platform.

[Btw, if you missed my virtual event with Alex Hao, Notion’s SMM, reply to this email and I’ll send you the recording for free]

  1. Washington State Dept. of Natural Resources — WSDNR is a prime example of a brand who uses humor in their social strategy, but is still able to communicate serious topics. ‘Serious’ brands don’t need to be boring!
  2. Darc Sport — Prime example of an apparel brand who’s build a cult-like community on social. Big fan of their use of repetition in their copy and social posts to reinforce their brand message.
  3. Intro — Intro is running the startup Twitter/X playbook to perfection, and it’s no wonder that they’re all over my timeline as of late. I wrote a full deep dive on their social strategy here if you want to dive into that.
  4. OpenPhone — I think OpenPhone is a great B2B example to follow on LinkedIn. Christina Le is doing great work over there!
  5. Entrapranure — this account is the only reason I consistently open Instagram. Gold standard for meme accounts. Oh and of course… tip your landlord.
  6. McDonald’s — the McD’s social team and agency partners are putting on a clinic lately with the content that has been coming out of their channels. Worth studying, regardless of if you’re a multinational corporation.
  7. Morning Brew — Morning Brew has been on fire lately with their video content on socials, and on YouTube (shoutout Macy and Dan).
  8. Hubspot — I’ve been loving Hubspot’s refreshed approach to Twitter/X lately! It’s clear that they are giving the social team the freedom to post content that will perform, not just webinar links and blog content. B2B social doesn’t have to be boring!
  9. Shopify — Shopify is another example of a largely B2B tech company that has a social-native voice. B2B companies don’t need to be sterile on social. The brand voice you adopt in webinars and white papers shouldn’t be the one that you adopt on social.
  10. Ferrari — The lesson here? When you have an elite product, your social strategy is to amplify it. Just look at their Instagram feed… what do you see? 95%+ of the content is cars. No trending videos, no memes… cars.
  11. Alex Hormozi — Not a ‘brand,’ but his content strategy is worth studying. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll: see one of his tweets. Close Twitter. Open IG. Scroll Reels. See one of his Reels. Go over to YouTube. See a podcast clip with him on it. Back to Twitter. Another Hormozi tweet. It’s absurd lol.

Look through these brands and pay attention to:

  • What’s working for them?
  • Are there any patterns I can apply?

This is one of my favorite ways to learn.

That’s all I’ve got today.