23 August 2023 |

Safe Space Adds Key Benefit with HireFor Partnership

By workweek

In the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition, finding the right individuals to join your team is a journey that demands time, effort, and resources. That’s where HireFor steps in to revolutionize your hiring process, making it not only efficient but also effective. 

“It was a no-brainer to work with HireFor after seeing how many People Leaders take on the full spectrum of recruiting on their own.”

Hebba Youssef, Chief People Officer at Workweek and Creator of I Hate It Here.

Though anyone has access to HireFor, members of Hebba’s community, Safe Space, have an exclusive advantage—VIP hiring support from a trusted source at a discount.

HireFor: Your Trusted Hiring Partner

We understand the daunting nature of the hiring process. Enter HireFor, a beacon of assistance designed to alleviate the burdens that HR and hiring teams often shoulder. In a world where time is of the essence and quality is paramount, HireFor takes the reins to ensure that your hiring journey is seamless, swift, and exceptional.

The HireFor commitment to excellence is unwavering:

  • Speed to Market: Time is money, and we know it. That’s why HireFor presents you with potential candidates within a week of initiating a search. Yes, you read that right – within just seven days.
  • Quality Assurance: HireFor is not just about speed; quality takes center stage. The meticulous vetting process ensures that the candidates are not only suitable but exceptional fits for your organization.
  • No Risk, No Worries: HireFor operates on a contingency basis, meaning there’s no upfront payment or financial commitment unless they successfully place a candidate with you. HireFor’s success is directly tied to your success.

Power of Partnership: HireFor x Safe Space

Why the collaboration between HireFor and Safe Space? Simple: synergy between HR and talent acquisition is the backbone of successful hiring, enhanced candidate experiences, and lasting employee retention.

Drawing from collective experiences, HireFor understands that successful partnerships are a result of true collaboration. With Hebba’s profound HR insights and HireFor’s recruitment finesse, we’re merging forces to offer you a hiring experience that transcends expectations.

HireFor is more than just recruiters – they’re consultants, collaborators, and your dedicated partners. They specialize in the media, sales, marketing, fintech, accounting/finance, and tech spaces, but their prowess extends beyond.

Exclusive Benefits for Safe Space Members

Your Safe Space membership opens doors to exclusive benefits, including generous discounts on HireFor’s hiring support. It’s our way of enhancing your hiring endeavors while ensuring your journey is smooth, rewarding, and transformative.

“Partnering with Safe Space means getting to support top People Leaders. We’re so excited.”

Libby Moyer, Director of HireFor

Ready to experience a hiring process that’s innovative, efficient, and personalized? Reach out to HireFor by submitting this form or contacting Libby directly at [email protected], and note that you’re a Safe Space member in the form or message.

Together, let’s transform the way you hire. 🚀