23 August 2023 |

Every minute counts in the world of sales


Hey Winners,

Fancy seeing you here. Speaking of fancy, I fancy one software above the others. 

And, good news for me, they seem to fancy me right back. 

Speaking of which, I’m quite proud to be working with Calendly as they help Sales people win more. 

Let me briefly introduce you.

Did you know every minute counts in the world of sales? Of Course you did, mate.

Have you thought about how much time is wasted managing meetings? I’m sure you have, winner. 

In the fast-paced realm of sales, we often find ourselves trapped in the cycle of endless back-and-forth emails, trying to align schedules for that crucial meeting. But what if we told you that there’s a way to free up your time and focus on what truly matters – selling? Imagine that. 

Less Scheduling Time, More Selling

Have you ever been in calendar hell? I have, was quite frankly almost burned alive. Scared the bejesus out of me. 

A busy executive or three, a timezone faff and maybe even a PA? I’m getting nauseous just writing about this to you now. PA sent me on a wild goose chase. 

A scheduling link is a game-changer that slashes meeting scheduling time.

Instead of exchanging multiple emails to find a suitable time, Sales professionals (like us) can simply share a scheduling link with prospects, find the time and deal momentum remains at it’s highest.

A process that used to take days, require follow-up and a puzzle to complete is condensed in to a matter of moments. 

Even better:

Upcoming Meetings: automation, notifications and collateral to ensure that meetings are confirmed, prospects are notified, enabled and that your process is sharp – for both pre-meeting and post-meeting.

Introductions and Referrals: benefit from your endorsements, evangelists and happy customers by taking out the faff of finding time.

Reschedulings: sometimes Economic Buyers reschedule so instead of making this painful, why not make it easy?

Oh, and one more thing. 93% of sales teams that achieve faster sales cycles using Calendly. No more waiting around – accelerate your deals. Hit quota. See you at President’s Club. 

Less Admin, Better Buyer Experience

Admin? More like Badmin. (Sorry, bad joke. Working on myself). 

Let’s face it – administrative tasks that come with managing prospects aren’t why we love Sales. 

Hold up. Calendly kills admin and boosts your buyers’ experience. 

It makes your buyer’s life and your own life easier.

We’ve all been there – juggling multiple schedules, sending reminders, and coordinating team members’ availability. It’s a big mess you have to manage.

With Calendly:

Multi-stakeholder Scheduling: say BYE to the nightmare of coordinating meetings with multiple stakeholders. Calendly’s collective scheduling feature nails it without thinking.

Buyer – Meeting Experience: say BYE to embarrassing moments of missed details or follow-ups in your team. Calendly’s Workflows goes beyond the invite and nails the experience for the entire meeting lifecycle, eliminating human errors and ensuring a smooth experience.

If you were a buyer and one Sales person scheduled everything manually, the other had an easy couple of clicks to find a time that worked for the appropriate people on your team – which experience would you rather?

And of course, less admin can only mean more selling, performance and fun. And, more money from the deals you win and customers you help. 

Less Inbound Friction, More Meetings

Have you considered how frustrating it would be to lose a deal because of scheduling? I’ve actually seen this happen. When you exchange one too many scheduling emails and calendars don’t align, you can feel the customer slip out of your hands. It’s painful. 

Maybe you’d never know that was the reason you missed that crucial meeting?

Getting calls scheduled on the calendar is one of our most critical activities.

With Calendly:

Avoid a meeting missed: avoid missing a meeting that puts your competitor ahead, or delays the project that makes the biggest difference to your quarter.

Avoid the pain of rescheduling: make sure you’re owning your time, meeting prospects and customers according to your Sales plan and eliminating reschedules – they burn positive emotion.

Increase demos: with your own LinkedIn page, company marketing and nurture campaigns – stop thinking about how to get them on the calendar and get more scheduled meetings. A 70% conversion rate of meetings booked from marketing forms would change the game for your relationship with marketing? Teasing…

Putting it all together with a story

CallRail were frustrated with a challenge as a hybrid self-serve and sales-led growth company, with 800 monthly free trial sign-ups and the goal of converting these trials to meetings.  

Their Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), managing 90-100 trials per month each, needed a way to leverage feedback/data/insights for messaging whilst cutting the time taken to convert trials.

With a Calendly subscription, CallRail doubled conversion rates for leads that booked meetings via their Calendly links. A 10-minute meeting for cold lead conversions, while the 30-minute counterpart converted trials to paid users. Personalized sales emails, embedded with Calendly CTAs, drove conversions and the Round Robin feature accelerated and cleaned up lead distribution. 

We’re all about outcomes. This partnership is responsible for 3,267 reclaimed hours and $150,000 in cost savings, as the team booked over 13,000 events with Calendly…

So, Calendly isn’t just about scheduling; it’s about supercharging your sales process, delighting your buyers, and giving you the time back to go after your big goals.

More meetings, less admin. 

Better buyer experience, better life experience.

Less friction, more progress.

I want all of this for you. From one Sales Millennial to another, hear my cry. 

Your mate,