17 August 2023 |

The real secret to social media success 📈


Using Ferrari’s IG as an example 🏎

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the social media growth hacks and content strategy tips out there on the internet (looking at you, LinkedIn carousel creators). I’m guilty of it too.

What nobody tells you?

The best content presences are usually supported by a strong foundation of a top-tier product.

The brands that have to do all the ‘tricks’ to get their audience to care on social media are usually compensating for something (like a guy driving an obnoxiously lifted pickup truck).

Iconic brands with elite products don’t need to play these games.

Just look at Ferrari’s Instagram grid.

What do you notice?

Cars. Lots of cars.

The product is front and center. No weird trends.

They barely even use Reels (there’s this narrative that you have to post Reels to grow on Instagram).

My point? Having a strong product gives you flexibility in how you adhere to social ‘best practices.’

And I know.

Not every brand is a Ferrari. Or McDonald’s. Or Barbie.

Not every brand has the decades of brand recognition to prop up social content. So we do need to get creative and find ways to better-engage our audience. Even those legacy brands need to evolve and find ways to stand out on the timeline (McDonald’s is crushing this right now).

But even for startups and companies without the decade of brand legacy, nail your product first. Get happy customers that want to talk about you. And then find ways to amplify it on social media.

Play the long game here. You won’t pick up steam as quickly as the brand that built their audience of of only trends, but you will likely be in the game for longer.

It will make your life as a marketer a hell of a lot easier.

Quick one today. Hope this helped.