29 June 2023 |

3 social media resources that caught my attention this week


Add these to your reading (or watching) list

1. An Eye-Opening Conversation with Podcast Legend Tim Ferriss by Colin and Samir. This one isn’t necessarily a ‘social media strategy’ resource but there are so many lessons for marketers to take away from this. One that stuck out to me was Tim’s emphasis on picking a content medium/format that you can see yourself doing for the long run. Worth the watch.

2. How 26 newsletters got their 1st 1000 subscribers by Pat Walls. Again. Not ‘social media strategy’ related specifically, but you’ll see that all of the 5 levers these newsletters use to grow — Collabs, Inner Circle, Community Heist, 10x Content, Paid Acquisition — are levers you can use to amplify your brand on social.

Common theme for me is ditching the usual ‘sOcIAL meDIa HaCks’ and looking to other industries for strategies to apply. Works well.

3. 2023 Content Playbook by Colin Landforce. This man dropped the equivalent of a paid course in a single tweet. If you’re looking to grow on social media using a video-first approach, just do everything Colin says in this post. On point.

Like I said. Quick and valuable (do I ever lie to you? come on).

Now, back to rotating shapes on this social strategy deck to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

PS – if you need some music to listen to while working on decks or cranking out memes, this mix has been on repeat for me,