05 June 2023 |

✅ 7 must-follow social media managers


1) Kevin Graham – C4 Energy

Kevin is a homie. And he’s one of the best social media managers I know.

He crushed over at Manscaped, and just started a new gig over at C4 Energy (if you’re remotely into fitness, you know C4).

Kev keeps it real. And he posts insightful stuff on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Follow him.

2) Christine Le – OpenPhone

If you’re in B2B social media, you should be following Christine on LinkedIn.

She is an SMM over at OpenPhone, and is doing a fantastic job growing their LinkedIn company page — not an easy task at all.

Tons to learn from her if you’re running social for a B2B company.

3) Arielle Berlinksy – Delta Vacations

Arielle has become one of my favorite follows on LinkedIn for social media strategy content in the past few months.

Check her work out here!

4) Alex Hao – Notion

Notion is one of my favorite brands to study on social media.

They do such a great job promoting their product in a compelling, social-native way.

And Alex runs the show on social over there. You should follow him on Twitter.

5) Lara Acosta – LA Digital

Lara’s not technically an ‘SMM’ — but she posts a lot of valuable content around LinkedIn growth and copywriting.

Knows her stuff and is absolutely worth the follow if LinkedIn growth is a priority for you + your brand.

Check her out here.

6) Ish Verduzco – a16z Crypto

Ish is one of the smartest people I know re: social growth.

He’s grown the a16z crypto Twitter account from 0 → 59.8K followers. Insane.

The thing I love about Ish’s content is that he shares tactical content — not just high level philosophy on social media.

He should be in your content rotation on Twitter and LinkedIn.

7) Jon-Stephen Stansel – Chaotic Good Studios

JS is one of the best follows in social media management.

He consistently shares real, unfiltered takes on what working in social is like.

And he’s really damn good at what he does.

Follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but following these 7 folks will (and reading Social Files every Monday + Thursday 😉) will without a doubt level up your social media management skills.

That’s all I’ve got today.